Conveyor lubrication

in this program, we have all products to lube and clean all types of conveyors. We can produce pneumatic and electric lubrication units for grease and oil. The units are designed to deliver a measured amount of lubricant to the conveyor wear points: Chain pins, chain links, closed or open trolley wheels, track and rollers. All units are full automatically working during the production is going on.

OP-201 Trolley Wheel Lubricator

Features / Benefits

The OP-201 system lubricates sealed power trolley wheels while the conveyor is running under normal conditions. Reduces downtime and manual labor operations in lubricating conveyor sealed power trolley wheels.

Properly lubricated wheels can extend the life of conveyor components. Eliminates surging caused by non-lubricated and worn wheels, so product can be spaced closer, increasing productivity.

Conveyor runs smoother, keeps product from swaying, reducing possibility of injury on the line. Helps reduce drive power requirements.

Less waste. A metered amount of lubricant is cleanly and precisely injected into wheels. The right lubrication system results in a clean operation-and saves you substantial amounts of time, work and Money. Overhead or inverted conveyors.

OP-8 Conveyor Chain and Trolley Wheel Cleaner
Reduces downtime while it cleans your conveyor system. Cleans chain, trolley wheels and trolley brackets. Fits every size of overhead monorail or power & free conveyor.


• Automatically cleans while conveyor is in operation
• Eliminates expensive, time-consuming manual cleaning
• Removes dirt, rust, scale, paint, and/or chemical residue
• Brushes shaped for your conveyor, for efficient operation
• Brush tension can be adjusted while conveyor is running
• Reduces drag on drive motors, extending life
• Proper grounding for electrostatic finishing
• Plated hardware provides longer component life
• Compact, rugged cleaner is easy to install and service
• Overhead, inverted and floor conveyors

OP-4 Automatic Chain Pin Oiler
The OP-4A is pneumatically powered and electrically timed. A caterpillar chain assembly engages the conveyor chain, engaging the oil dispensing nozzle plate, moving it over the chain pin links. An air operated pump meters a precise amount of oil through each nozzle, lubricating chain pins and links simultaneously. The optional 1000 hour repeat cycle timer features cycle progress display and memory.

Features / Benefits

• The OP-4A system lubricates chain pins while conveyor is running under normal conditions
• Automatically deposits a clean, metered shot of oil directly and precisely to chain pins at desired intervals. No waste or mess from over oiling
• Proper lubrication reduces friction and wear extends conveyor life
• Fast payback based on reduced maintenance and extended productive conveyor life
• Eliminates surging caused by non lubricated and worn chains, so product can be spaced closer, increasing productivity
• Helps reduce drive power requirements

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