Compressor lubrication

We have a wide range of compressor lubrication units to lubricate all different types of reciprocating compressors. Low and medium compressors up to 525 bar and high pressure compressors up to 4200 bar. We can offer pump to point systems (box lubricators) and pump to series progressive systems. This system divide the oil into precisely proportioned amounts to each specific lubrication point.

Pump to Point

For many years this is the traditional way to lubricate the compressor.
Every lubrication point has its own dedicated pump. The Pump is driven by an crankshaft.


Simple concept: One pump for every lubrication point. The quantity can be set individually for each point.


The amount of lubricant is not exactly to set. It is difficult to adjust the DPM (drops per minute) for each pumping element. Monitoring the lubrication points is very expensive.

Special features

Easy to plan and execute.

The L-P55U pump elements (see picture on the right) are an improvement on the L-P55 models. The one-piece pump body made from steel, the modular cylinder parts are the latest pump design dar. The pump elements of the model series L-P55U are interchangeable and operational with all equipment manufacturers.

Pump to divider

The lubrication system is designed to guarantee the ever-increasing need for monitoring. The main distributor is supplied by several combined pumping elements. This in turn provides the lower Distributor, which then lead to a precisely defined amount of lubricating oil to each lubrication point.

Benefits of centralized monitoring of the pressure and monitoring each lubrication point. Precisely defined quantity for each lubrication Point.


All compressor data must be known to determine the quantity per point precisely.

Special features

The system layout must be correct.

The Sentinel system
(see picture right)

Analyzes have shown that over 80 percent of compressor failures and repairs can be attributed to improper lubrication. Over lubrication leads to deposits in valves and cylinder heads. It leads to leaks, low efficiency and higher costs. The system must be switched off and repaired. In the worst case, it leads to the complete destruction of the compressor. The Sentinel system eliminates the need to manually set up dozens of pumps. It is monitored by electronic control.


Pressurized supply

Derivated from the former type, the pressurized type has a dedicated reservoir for the lubricant. This means you can use a proper gear oil for the lubricator which reduces maintenance costs. The pump element is directly fed from the reservoir, reducing the risk of contamination or running dry. This type of lubrication is the most advanced and secure for compressor lubrication applications. Thanks to its remote concept, access to the system while the compressor is running presents no problem and allows to carry out repairs or settings without compressor shutdown.

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