Accessories for Lubrication Systems

Lubricant Filters and Strainers

Single and double filter with electrical maintenance display, high pressure filter for oil and grease. Maximum operating pressure 517 bar. The fineness of the filter elements is 10-, 25-, 90-, or 149 microns.

Grease Monitoring – LubeMeter

LubeMeter is a system for the monitoring of lubrication points lubricated with grease. It is completely independent and can monitor any kind of grease lubrication, from automatic to manual lubrication systems. The system can be connected to monitor particularly important lubrication points or even a whole lubrication system.

High pressure hose

High pressure hose with fittings for selfinstalation.

Control Units for Central Lubrication Systems

The control units described in this leaflet are used for time or pulse-dependent control of central lubrication systems with progressive feeders.

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